Please play my latest game Blacksmith Lab it is exclusive to GamesButler. Please show some support and also download it on your mobile device! It is a very fun game: Android and iOS. Simply tap on the minerals and weapons to forge them and then sell them to your royal clients for money! Keep going until you are rich.
PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer selling Add 'em Up. I have become too busy with other ventures to support the game effectively. I have also not had the time to test and update it to work 100% with the latest Windows OS's (IE win 7.)

If you have purchased the game I will continue to help with any issues that may arise.

Also, if you are a developer or publisher looking to acquire or distribute Add 'em Up I would be happy to discuss such opportunities. Please contact me using the information at the bottom of this page.

Add 'em Up
ONLY $14.95

   Downloadable Demo and Full Versions Require
   Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000, or 98SE

FREE Web Version

[flash plugin required]

ONLY $14.95
[approx. 3MB]


[approx. 3MB]

Have a Blast and Sharpen the Mind!
You've never had this much fun combining strategy, concentration, and basic adding. Clearing the board may seem easy to start, but given the limited moves or the ticking clock, you'll have to stay sharp and look for the best spots to eliminate all the tiles you can.

Help Young Minds Grow
Have kids hungry for video games? Let them go at this and watch them blossom into expert adders! They'll have so much fun, they'll never know they're honing their addition and multiplication skills.

Take a Break
Maybe you're looking for a fun "grown-up" game to save you from boredom. You'll love Add 'em Up for a few minutes of brain-bending entertainment here and there. Score big in Classic Mode, get record time in Panic Mode, or challenge yourself to more than 50 designed boards in Puzzle Mode. However you want to play it, it adds up to a fun and smart game to add to your library.

Choose from 4 modes of play

Think hard and get those "Sweet Moves"

Prove your skill with a Top Scores list

Can you solve all 56 puzzle stages?

Puzzles get more and more challenging

Ready to play Add 'em Up? Play it online now, right through your browser, or B>get the full version and enjoy it anytime!

System Requirements
(for downloadable demo and full versions)
    • 350mhz or higher
• 7MB HD space
• 128MB RAM or higher
• Windows 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, or Vista

So What's Next?...
Yes, we have another great game on its way. We can't let too much out of the bag right now, but let's just say that Floopers will be like nothing you've played before. We guarantee you'll have a smile on your face as you stretch your mind to match up oodles of Floopers.

The Buzz
"This game belongs next to classic desktop games like Collapse, Bejeweled, or Zuma."
- GameVortex.com

"Remember the old addage: 'use it or lose it'? Well, it is true, but it doesnt take long to remember how to do simple addition in this fun little brain teaser. Thoroughly enjoyed!"
- Sandie M.

"I am not a big fan of number and puzzle games, but once I tried this game it became one of the few I play when I go online before I take care of business."
- Perry P.

"...it's one of the few games that uses actual thinking and processing of mathematics. I would suggest the game to anyone to strengthen their critical thinking skills, especially in math"
- Isabel Z.

"A great game, simple and fun."
- Greg S.

"I think it is a great game. I honestly think it would be great for a classroom."
- Kristie R.

"ADDictive game! I have things to do at home but can't move away from the computer because of this game. I love it!"
- Brandi A.

"Very cool game... I was really impressed with how well-designed it was."
- Daniel P.


email games <AT> BlueBugGames <DOT> com with inquiries or comments